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Fotografía Mr. Lionso Playa Bruja

our history


Delight yourself with the flavors of Mexico in our renowned Mr. Lionso Restaurant in Mazatlan, with our characteristic regional dishes, seafood and daily specials. Mr. Lionso Restaurant was founded in the early 90's, being since then a place of tradition you can not miss on your visit to the port. Courtesy, commitment to make excellent things and professional work team are the permanent and the constant that motivate us to be the favorite of all.

The history goes back to 1995 when Mr. Lionso decides to venture into the art of business, acquiring the land where he would undertake the feat as restaurateur, taking a concept and style that even today it distinguishes of the guild. Our clients and many friends today have recognized it throughout our walk as "The Best Seafood in Mazatlan cuisine", thus achieving a prominent place in the field of regional cuisine.

Why the name of this area, Playa Bruja?
It is well known among the people that this specific beach was the favorite place of witches for doing rituals. Furthermore, in the time of pirates, these pirates unloaded gold and gemstones in the caves of this hill. People from Mazatlan, by their ambition to find gold, they tried to reach these caves but such was his surprise when they confronted with hundreds of bats guarding the entrances. In the end no one could enter these caves, which made ​​them mysterious and makes us think that they remain protected by witches who are responsible for bewitching your palate.

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